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Technical Specifications

For the Jim Rouse Theatre

The Jim Rouse Theatre has a dedicated loading dock entrance with 8x12 roll door that is level to the SR entrance. 

        1 additional 400v distro is located SR.



Stage Dimensions


  • 80′ from stage left to stage right wall

  • 36′ from plaster line to upstage wall

  • 10′ apron

  • 50′ w x 24′ h proscenium opening

  • 10' x 36' wingspace


Stage floor is covered with hard wood, painted black, backed by 2 layers of 1/2″ plywood. Plywood sits on rubber dampers founded on concrete. Lagging into stage floor is not permitted.




Dressing Rooms


  • 3 permanent small dressing rooms (2-4)

  • 1 permanent medium dressing room (6-10)

  • Large common area with mobile walls that can create 2 more large dressing rooms (10-20 each)

  • All dressing rooms contain personal sink

  • Common restrooms for backstage, with showers

  • For more information and possible usage of other spaces as dressing rooms, please contact us





  • 739 seats

  • 8 wheelchair locations

  • Ramped access from orchestra to stage level

  • complete seating chart can be viewed here





For questions about audio equipment please contract us directly.





For questions about lighting please contact us directly.



Soft Goods


  • 1 blue velour teaser

  • 1 blue velour main curtain

  • 2 sets of black velour legs

  • 3 black velour travelers

  • 4 black velour teasers

  • 1 white cyclorama


All travelers are drawn from stage left and all curtains, legs and borders are dead hung.





  • The JRT is not a fly house.

  • 6-1/2 ton CM chain motors w/40′ lift

  • 8 aluminum 12″ box truss @ 10′

  • 2 aluminum 12″ box truss @ 2.5′

  • 3 black aluminum 12″ box truss @ 10′

  • 1 8-way motor controller


Chain motors are typically supported by structural steel 28′ from deck. Two of the chain motors are above the seating and cannot be moved.




For additional information, please contact us directly





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