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What is 'Theatre Etiquette'?


We want everyone who attends a live theatre performance to thoroughly enjoy his or her time at the Jim Rouse Theatre.


  1. Please remember that this is not a movie, and the people on the stage can hear and see you.

  2. Please show them and the surrounding patrons the respect they deserve, and refrain from conversation during the performance. 

  3. Please silence all cell phone, beepers, or pagers. Refrain from their usage while inside the JRT.

  4. For the safety of the performers, please refrain from the use of flash photography. Videotaping policy is dictated by client, and will be enforced.

  5. There is a strict No Food or Drink policy of any kind in the theatre at all times and for all events.

  6. Please do not run in the JRT or climb over seating

  7. Please do not climb up onto the stage, or jump off of it.  Use proper entryways.

  8. Please observe fire safety codes and do not stand in the aisles.  No bags, strollers, or other materials may be left in the aisles.

  9. Promptly follow any requests made by House Management.

  10. All HCPSS and WLHS facility rules are in effect.


Theatre Information


Where can I get tickets for 'X' event?


All ticketing is the responsibility of the respective group or organization renting the Jim Rouse Theatre, and all ticket requests will need to be made directly to the specific renter.  If you are unsure who to contact for a specific event, please email us at or call (410)-313-8293 and we can direct you to the proper point of contact. 


What type of amenities do you have available for  persons with disabilities?


Both levels of seating are wheelchair accessible via lobby elevator.  For performers, the stage is level and accessible as well, from either backstage or the house.  We have 8 wheelchair locations in the seating area, and additional seating on end rows across the main floor for persons with disabilities.  If special seating is needed, please contact the organization in charge of ticketing the selected event to reserve the locations.  For an ASL interpreter, please contact the organization reserving the venue. 


What is the difference between 'Theater' and 'Theatre'?


Truthfully? Colloquiallism, mostly.  Some argue that 'theatre' is the artform, while 'theater' is the physical venue for performance, but there is no concensus.  We are the Jim Rouse Theatre, and we are proud of it!


Not the 'James Rouse Theatre'?


No no!  We are the 'Jim Rouse Theatre'.  We are named after Presidential Medal of Freedom Awardee, Columbia's 'creator', and art lover and supporter Jim Rouse, as he was known by those around him.


Who was Jim Rouse?


Jim Rouse was the founder of Columbia Maryland, and an influential supporter for the Arts in Howard County.  For more information, please visit his Wikipedia page.

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