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If Howard County is under a snow emergency at 7AM, according to the Maryland State Department of Transportation, we are closed and ALL ACTIVITIES ARE CANCELLED FOR THAT DAY. , in accordance with all State and Local Regulations overseeing facilities operating on public grounds.  If the snow emergency is called AFTER 7AM, any events that have already begun may finish and any events that have not yet begun are canceled.


For more information, and to see if we are currently under a snow emergency, please visit the Maryland website here

This is a primary factor for determining whether or not an event can be held.



In addition


The Howard County Board of Education updates a hotline, 410-313-6827 at 7AM in the morning. If spaces or are closed or cancelled at 7 a.m. we have to cancel any events for that day or evening, in accordance with the policy is set by the Board of Education.


Please look at your specific date on the calendar, as we do update events when weather occurs which impacts rentals.


Thank you very much




Inclement Weather Policy

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